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The Amazing Race photographer Richard Foreman has died unexpectedly.

What happened to Richard Foreman?

Daytona Beach Police Department The news of Richard Forman’s passing was announced on their official Facebook page with the following statement,

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Richard Forman. Richard is one of the patrolling: live camera operators assigned to the area, helping to bring our work to your living room. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Richards family and our Patrol: Be with the family during this difficult time. Richard will be missed and will be remembered for the legacy he left behind.

Richard Foreman cause of death

COPS TV cameraman/operator Richard Forman has passed away. It is heartbreaking to report the death of Richard Forman. Richard Foreman, best known for his role as cameraman on The Drive, died today at his home after a battle with cancer.

His age is sixty. At the time of his death, Richard was surrounded by his wife and family. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Foreman family and friends during this difficult time.

Who is Richard Foreman?

In 1963, Richard Forman was born. He has a degree from Nassau Community College. Kelly and Richard, more commonly known as Rich, are a happy couple. His credits include Police (2012), Escape Routes (2011) and The Amazing Race (2001). (1989). He basically founded COPS. Rich served as the cameraman for the patrol crew.

He is constantly eager to learn more, and he succeeds in everything he sets out to do. Rich was a very warm person and anyone who had the chance to come into contact with him appreciated his sense of humor.

He shares an unbreakable bond with his siblings that makes him a young man like no other. His tenderness, generosity and large blue eyes will be fondly remembered. His siblings will also have fond memories of him. Richie is a truly helpful and dedicated worker, an older brother who appreciates younger siblings, an uncle who adores nieces and nephews, and more.

He is also a generous hugger. He is the friend of many people, the beloved son of many people, the brother of younger brothers and sisters, and the uncle of nephews and nieces. His lively laugh and dry sense of humor will be sincerely missed by his closest friends and family.

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