How Did DJ Mucky Turrell Die? Bio, Age, Career, Family, Cause of Death

Fans of house and trance music have been shocked to hear of the passing of DJ Mucky Turrell. DJ Mucky enjoys performing in public clubs, spreading the joy of upbeat house music to interested parties.

Who is DJ Mucky Turrell?

DJ Mucky Turrell is the resident DJ for Shhh at Ultravegas, Boogaloo and the mighty Centreforce.

According to his Facebook, he previously worked as a Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Apprentice at Imperial Chemical Industries. He studied academically at Monk’s Walk School in Welwyn Garden City and de Havilland College. He lived in Leighton Buzzard until his death.

Mick enjoys performing to large audiences at public gatherings, but he also feels right at home at intimate family gatherings and the powerful CENTREFORCE late night “Rave Yard Shift”.

How did DJ Mucky Turrell die?

DJ Mucky Turrell has passed away unexpectedly, according to a heartbreaking post on the House Collective Facebook.

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce the sad news of the peaceful passing of Mr. Mick Turrell last night. Thoughts are with his wife Karen and the rest of his family and friends. Without him the world would be a lot less fun, a lot quieter, Paradise Now there’s a real hero. 💔”

Earth would be a lot less fun and quiet without him; Heaven now has a true hero.

DJ Mucky Turrell Cause of Death

DJ Mucky Turrell is known for having a friendly personality. Seeing the recent news, many people must be curious about the cause of DJ Mucky Turrell’s death.

My Housers Band announced on Facebook in March 2023 that Mick Turrell had to withdraw from the show due to ill health. For this event, Mick hired Mr. Ade Wilcox, an excellent DJ and one of his closest friends.

How did DJ Mucky Turrell die?

DJ Mucky Turrell posted on Facebook in April 2023 that he was not feeling well and could not respond to inquiries about his health, but thanked them for their concern. He added that he will focus on strengthening himself and hopefully move forward in a better way. Unfortunately, he passed away.

DJ Mucky Turrell Cause of Death

DJ Mucky Turrell’s cause of death had not been disclosed as of press time. But the tragic news was confirmed by his family. Friends, relatives and Centreforce radio have been devastated and shocked by the passing of DJ Mucky Turrell.

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