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Famed gospel musician Fille Elias has passed away. The artist reportedly passed away this morning in a horrific car accident.

On March 11, evangelical singer Fille Elias was killed in a car accident. On Saturday, March 11, his manager Confirmed by Labsi Wangela By sharing the news on Facebook.

“On behalf of Labsi Wangela-films

Our heartfelt condolences to the servant family of God Doc Elias…may God rest his soul forever…For us labsi wangela we have lost a brother, friend, God The general and farsa Fille Elias we will miss his humility and service to the Lord but the Lord is omniscient and we accept his passing in hurt, may the Lord comfort all his family and friends all over the world. “

Elias’ funeral will take place today, Saturday, March 11, in Marsabit, according to a statement from Labsi.

Fille Elias Cause of Death

We regret to inform you that Fille Elias has passed away. Fille Elias is known for having a friendly personality. Seeing the recent news, many people must be curious about the cause of Miss Elias’ death. Tragically, a car accident took the life of artist Fille Elias. To perform his song, Fille Elias is heading to church. He was driving a black Fielder along the Marsabit-Moyale route at about 4.30am today in the Funan Nyata area, 25 kilometers from the town of Moyale, when it collided head-on with a slow car. The accident killed 2 people and seriously injured 4 others. Two people died at the scene and four others were taken to a local hospital in Moyer County, according to District Police Commander Johnstone Wachira. Two of the four are currently in critical condition. Others suffered injuries to their hands and legs, but one suffered a stomach injury. The community is devastated by the death of Fille Elias.

Fille Elias died in a car accident. But the investigation is still ongoing. The cause of the accident has not been determined. Our staff do not confirm any rumors regarding this news, but you can be sure that we are doing everything we can to gather relevant information about the tragedy and to issue an update as quickly as possible; nevertheless, please remember to respect family privacy.

Who is Fille Elias?

Fille Elias is a gospel artist. More details on Fille Elias will be added soon.

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