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Dinah O’Dowd, mother of Boy George, dies at 84 Let’s take a closer look at the details of Dinah O’Dowd and how he died.

Just read the very sad news on FB that Dinah’s mother passed away at the age of 84. We wish the O’Dowd family strong during this difficult time.

Boy George has revealed his beloved mother has returned home after being hospitalized for two days in April with “heart or lung problems”. However, the exact cause of death was not announced. Friends and family expressed their condolences on social media.

Who is Dinah O’Dowd?

Dinah O’Dowd was born Christina Glynn; 1939.Boy George was born on June 14, 1961 at Barnehurst Hospital in Kent, England, formerly known as George Allan O’Dowd, who grew up in Eltham as architect Jerry O’Dowd (born in Yeh Leamy; 1932–2004), the second of five children

Dinah O’Dowd Medical Issues

Dinah O’Dowd, 82, required medical attention at Greenwich Hospital two weeks ago for a problem unrelated to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, but has since been released into the care of her family. Speaking to Lorraine News on Monday from his home in London, George, 58, said he was relieved that his mother was away from an environment where she could contract the deadly virus.

He said: “My mum is fine, she’s home now. She’s been in hospital for two days, luckily it’s not corona related, so it’s fine.” She came home from the hospital and because of everything that obviously happened, my mom is 82, so it wasn’t the best place for her. “

Reflecting on Dinah’s time in hospital, George admits she received the best possible care from dedicated NHS staff who went out of their way to keep her spirits up.

Dina on her late husband – my life with a handsome jerk

you really want to hurt me Indeed, in Dinah O’Dowd’s 42-year marriage to a monster she never stopped loving, the somber refrain from her son Boy George’s most famous song is dark spell. Ask this incredible 67-year-old survivor why she wrote the book, Cry Salty Tears, and she’ll tell you straight up. Dinah O’Dowd told it all straight to the point and without flinching. You want to hug her.

Her late husband, Gerry O’Dowd, didn’t like hugs. He’s more of a thug than a hug. She went to Gerry’s funeral and listened to strangers talk about the man she had spent most of her difficult life with. Feeling completely excluded, Dinah thought, “Who is this guy? Of course I don’t know anything about him. What about me?”


To further baffle Dubliner Dinah, the coffin was sent to the crematorium without mourners. Dinah remembers that Gerry O’Dowd never wanted to be alone for a minute.

This in itself is full of irony. Gerry, terrified of being alone, readily told her, mostly after being brutally beaten: “If you leave me, I will die. If you can’t forgive me, please don’t leave.” On December 4, 2004, he The second wife who organized the funeral died of a heart attack in Egypt.

“He was a terrible father and a terrible husband. My mom was a tank and a goddess,” Boy George said recently. She was in her spacious and luxurious suite at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin today (her family lived in two rooms in central Dublin, she said, adding that she hadn’t seen toilet paper before she left for London), talking about her life and her Abused marriages, as in Cry Salty Tears. God knows she’s cried enough over the years. In 1954, she met a man named Seamus at a dance in Dorset Street. He impregnated her and disappeared five months before she was born, “from the face of the earth, or at least from the streets of Dublin”.

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