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Tributes to the artist Jason Kaye, best known as a member of British hardcore and jungle DJ/MC trio Top Buzz, have sadly passed away and the internet has been flooded.

What happened to Jason Kaye?

DJ Billy Daniel Bunt The musician/band confirmed the news of Jason Kaye’s passing on their official Facebook page with the following statement:

so sad. RIP Jason Kaye legend and pioneering dance music figure will be missed. His life’s work is both groundbreaking and inspiring. He influenced us all in many fields of music, into which he poured his passion, knowledge and talent.

In addition to his incredible musical achievements. He is an absolute gentleman. Condolences to his family and friends at this heartbreaking time.

Jason Kaye Cause of Death

Renowned Top Buzz legend Jason Kaye from London, England has passed away suddenly. His death on March 11, 2023 shocked everyone who knew him.

“I am deeply saddened by the unexpected passing of my good friend Jason Kaye from Top Buzz,” the publication said in announcing his passing. Currently, there is no information regarding the exact cause of death of Jason Kaye.

Tributes to the legendary reveler have flooded social media following the heartbreaking news of his passing. His cause of death remains a mystery to this day. The cause of Kaye’s death has not been revealed by any online outlets or his family. We will update this page as soon as his cause of death is confirmed. The Kaye family will issue an obituary for Jason.

Who is Jason Kaye?

Since then, Jason Kaye has made his name in the UK garage music scene as a DJ, producer and promoter. His record label, Social Circles, is considered one of the most prosperous underground labels in the UK.

The Garage Nation concept was developed with Terry “Turbo” Stone, an effort that continues today. He is a hard worker who goes about his business with great joy and happiness.

He’s witty and has a dry sense of humor, and he always makes me giggle. Kaye has repeatedly expressed his appreciation for his wise advice, good manners and friendship.

He is very down to earth, keeps his promises and always sees things on a positive note. Kay is an extraordinary person. He’s shrewd, humorous, creative, and incredibly friendly. He is truly priceless.

About Hot Topics

DJ Mikee B, DJ Jason Kaye and MC Patrick Jarrett (sometimes known as “Mad P”) founded Top Buzz in 1988. They are all residents of north London, many of whom hail from cities such as Tottenham and Enfield.


When jungle techno emerged from hardcore rave noise in 1991, they were the first to adopt the sound. This fashion was influenced by the rave music of the time. In 1992, the band released the EP “Livin’ in Darkness” on Basement Records.

The record captures the vibe of the time well. They have appeared in special events at many clubs, including Amnesia House, Fantazia, Universe, Dreamscape and Obsession. MC Patrick’s Jamaican dancehall-inspired ragga MCing is one of the band’s signature traits.

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