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How I Broke Up With My Boyfriend For Refusing To Eat My Food – Nigerian Lady Narrates » Ngnews247

A Nigerian woman named Queen Daisy has recounted how her ex-boyfriend didn’t appreciate her culinary efforts, leading her to stop cooking for men.

She said she used to pamper him by making all kinds of stews, soups and keeping them in the fridge because she wanted to make sure he had meals throughout the week.

Daisy said she visited him during the week but didn’t see any of the food she had left in the fridge.

When she confronted him that fateful day, he told her he had given his all. Daisy said it was something she did for him every month, so she was heartbroken to find out he wasn’t eating her food.

After what he did, she made the difficult decision to break up with this man, noting that she had changed.

she says;”That baby reminded me of something similar I’ve done. I make akwu, ofe onugbu and stews so I have food on the top of my head for the week. I came to see him around the middle of the week, saw that the refrigerator was empty, asked him, and he said he gave it away. I threw the crown away.

I even do it quite often 😂, like once a month. I will cook soup and stew, I will not taste it 😩😩😩 because I want my baby to eat well in a week. Avoid Yaba men.

Tweet @U10kayShop wrote; you know my address please send me 4L ofe akwu I can cook rice

But the Queen refused, saying she was a different person now and would not do that anymore.


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