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How I Discover That The Man Toasting Me Was Lying When I Checked His Phone – Lady Spills » Ngnews247

A young woman named Temmie shares an interesting discovery she made after getting a call from a man who showed interest in her date.

She reveals that she’s angry at what he’s done, and he assures her of his undying love, emphasizing that he only wants to be with her, not other girls.

However, Temmie said when he fell asleep in her arms, she checked his phone and found him chatting with other girls.

According to her, the guy told other people that she was mad at him only because he didn’t want to be with her.

She tweeted; “This man is just sitting here crying and sleeping on my chest saying he just wants to be with me 😂😂😂 Then, I checked his phone while he was sleeping and he told the babes “she’s just mad because I don’t want to be with she is together”

LMFAOOOOO That’s why. I stay single”

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