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How I Found Out My Crush Doesn’t Shower Everyday » Ngnews247

Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan recalled that when she had a crush on a guy, his poor personal hygiene ruined all her feelings for him.

She said that at one point she slept at his house for a week, and she noticed that he usually took a bath every two days.

According to Cynthia, this discovery changed her life and made her no longer obsessed with anyone.

The singer wrote; “I once stayed with my crush at his house for a week and I found out he was the kind of guy who takes a shower every other day. Since then, I know it’s best not to have a crush on anyone.

“Maybe the air conditioner made him forget to take a shower. But then I just swallowed my crush decisively, and he might never find out that I ever had a crush on him. I don’t drink malt with crushed ice”.

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