“How I Was Invited For A Date For The First Time, Ends Up Being A Cleaning Lady” – Nigerian Lady Cries Out (Video) » NGNews247

A Nigerian woman who goes by @ikpekachiee has shared her ordeal on social media after accepting an invitation from a man for the first time.

Instead of being treated with respect and warmth, she was allegedly confronted with a dirty kitchen and directed to clean up a series of unwashed dishes that had been left unattended for more than two weeks.

In a heartfelt post on social media, the woman expressed her pain and lamented the poor state of the kitchen and the abuse she endured.

She stressed her disbelief at the level of neglect and insensitivity displayed by the man, and called attention to living conditions she claimed “should not be endured by any woman”.

In her social media post, the woman shared photos of the messy kitchen, which was littered with long-term accumulations of dirty dishes, cutlery and food scraps.

She claimed that she had not used the plates during the visit but they had instructed her to clean them, in clear disregard for her comfort and dignity.

The incident sparked an uproar on social media, with many users expressing solidarity with the woman and condemning the man’s behaviour.

Netizens react…

@hugomah said; “Then he’ll say 😂 “I’m testing you, I’m doing this just to test you”. Osheyyyy test mic 🎤1 2!!!😂😂

@ada_ideato wrote; “Omo, y’all should let her go! Why would a man with a big ass leave the kitchen like this! I’m sure the reason she rants is because Cox was venting on her for not cleaning up! Go find a house to help”

@prudentconfidence1 wrote; “Even though I’m a dirty boy who invites a woman for the first time, Omo I clean everywhere and use Hypo wash board”

@funaya said; “But women will be taken aback, imagine visiting a man for the first time and he wants you to help him clean the house. Like maid abi na wetin. Nawa o’s audacity”

@icewaterofficial said; “for saying she’s your house girl abi lol some african men just think women are slaves”

@royal_natural_hair wrote; “Chapter one says even if you clean the kitchen; he still won’t marry you, next chapter please”

@ijobayanyan said; “If you want a girl to clean your kitchen after cooking, make sure she cleans the kitchen. If she’s clean, she can’t make it dirty”

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