How Old Is Megan Danielle?

The American Idol 2023 finalist is Meghan Danielle. Megan Danielle is a 20-year-old budding artist who sings and writes Christian music.

She joined season 21 of American Idol. She worked with her mother as a server, dishwasher, and cashier at a Southern restaurant in Georgia.

Her struggle and rise from waitress to American Idol stage is certainly inspiring, especially for those who stick to their careers and seek purpose.

Meghan will return to the American Idol stage during the top 12 stage of the competition.

In the end, she didn’t win.

Megan Danielle Age: How old is Megan Danielle?

Megan Danielle turns 20 in 2023. She was born on November 25, 2003.

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