How Saint Obi’s Marriage Took Him Away From His Friends and Acting

Multi-award winning filmmaker Zik Zulu Okafor has told those who care that the marriage of late actor Obinna Nwafor aka Saint Obi contributed to his death and caused him to abandon Nollywood.

Zik Zulu expressed this in a farewell message to the late actor on social media, while commenting on his untimely death, saying the actor’s divorce from ex-wife Lynda Saint-Nwafor was one of the reasons for Saint Obi’s death.

According to him, San Aubie lost touch with his Nollywood mates and distanced himself from the film industry after parting ways with his estranged wife Linda.

He said; ”Saint Aubie’s social life has become dull. Maybe it’s because of his taciturn personality. His personality is two-dimensional.

”To the distant public, he was upscale and cool. His manliness speaks loudly.

“His on-screen persona ironically magnifies some of the idiosyncrasies; the heroics, romantic adventures, and idiosyncrasies that were at odds with the mortal privacy that defined his quiet and solitary life.

”Saint Aubie, real name Aubinain Wavour, was shy, almost bordering on timidity and insecurity.

”He cherishes the pleasant and calm interaction between several friends.

”He would disappear at any outburst that might disrupt the calm of such a small meeting. As he repeatedly told me, he just wanted to live a calm, quiet and fulfilling life.

“But, is he living the cool, fulfilling life he envisions? I have my doubts.

” With bitter tears in my eyes I tell the story of the saint; for he was a star, a superstar, and his life became a line of irony.

“However, it was this stardom that allowed him to marry a wife who claimed to be financially strong and powerful.

“And their wedding, that solemn ceremony of love that would revolutionize his life and career and tragically pull him out of the creative community that had thrown him to his wife to capture and even conquer.

“Their marriage was a romance drama at best. Soon.

“He barely told us he had found a wife.

”Then, the marriage happened. It’s a bit of a mystery, and only those involved can understand the show being put on.

“None of us were his closest friends, walked with him through the Crucible, to the pinnacle of his career in Nollywood, none of us were invited. Between us and the guy I admiringly call the Sage of the Storm The distance between has already begun.

”This divide grows every year. We see each other about once a year after marriage.

”Life actually seemed to give him a fair chance.

“He dresses well, he drives a big car, even his skin, in the literal lingo, means health.

”The saint will be blessed with three beautiful children. But not once did his friends in Nollywood get invited to christenings or birthdays. We’re told his wife is at the top of telecommunications giant MTN.

“However, even though their celebrations are intended to be a gathering of the technocratic elite to which his wife is primarily a member, you’d expect Saint to reach out to some of his creative partners, because even if they herald his small beginnings, it wouldn’t have A little bit of shame because we all have our own journeys and stories. Even so, Nollywood actors or filmmakers are by no means poor.

“But even more tragically, his marriage distanced Obina not only from his friends, but also from Nollywood. Saint stopped acting, fled his career, and perhaps his calling.

”It now appears to be prophetic. Yes, because I remember leaving my house in mainland Lagos to go to the big office in Lekki, Victoria Island, Lagos. That was about six years ago.

”There I demanded to know why my friend had given up our industry. He told me with his usual shy expression that he wanted to focus on some other business while also working behind the scenes.

“Because his looks were not convincing to me, I told him straight up that no matter what new visions and pursuits he had, he couldn’t let go of the industry that made him.

”It was another three years before Saint returned to his family. But when he did, some deeply disappointed people snickered behind him.

“That’s because rumors were swirling about the breakdown of his marriage. As secretive as he was, he knew it was time to open up.

”He did it.

“I don’t know why my wife’s siblings saw me as a gold digger. They confronted, harassed and fought me in my own marriage. My wife didn’t stop them.

”I work hard and I earn my money. I’ve never been dependent on my wife,” he lamented, tears blurring his eyes. You could tell he was in deep pain.

‘ On the next visit, the saint took a knife and left a deep gash on his left eye. He said his wife’s brothers jumped over the fence of their home and attacked him.

“They were captured by hidden closed-circuit television (CCTV), which was installed for surveillance and security,” he revealed.

“He reported them at the police station and was subsequently given a gun to protect himself.

“This actually marks the beginning of the end of his marriage, perhaps towards a sad end for St. Aubie. He moves out of his marital home and into a new house to begin rebuilding his destiny, alone, without his wife, and more It’s too bad without his three beautiful children.

“At the same time, his wife went to the police to defend her siblings, using her financial resources to manipulate the cause of justice,” Saint said unequivocally. The wife also sued for divorce, not in Lagos but in Ogun State. As Saint said, “It made my journey difficult.

”But I will not bend nor break. I will use my last blood to fight for custody of my children. They love me and they know it will be hard for me to live without them.

”Divorce is not a problem. My marriage was long over,” he said with courage and a trembling heart that betrayed his pain.

“However, around the middle of last year, Obinna fell ill. But he didn’t tell anyone. He became literally scarce. He was in and out of the hospital, we’ll find out later. He sold his three big SUVs Two of them to take proper care of his health and bought six Camrys that he uses for Uber.

“But his fading health didn’t abate. He seemed to have a premonition of his own death, crying repeatedly because he didn’t see his children. He was emaciated. Life took a bleak picture.

“When I happened to meet him in January 2023, this guy named Saint looked 15 years older than he was. His manhood shrank. His big wallet was gone.” His fat will. His eyes seem lost in their sockets. This will be the last time I see him.

”Saint sneaks out of Lagos to live with Joss’ sister. He didn’t tell anyone.

“But a month ago, exactly in April, the lovable actor who has brought joy to so many families broke his icy silence.

“He called our mutual friend in the US and told him a devastating message. He said he was dying and wanted our friend to pray for him. “It doesn’t look good, pray, pray for me”, He calls enthusiastically.His next call is on May 1, 2023.

”This time it was for his mentor, the one who made him a star with his work, OON’s Zeb Ejiro. He told him in a trembling voice that he had three surgeries but was still in the hospital in Jos.

“He again asserted that his condition was not looking well and that he was also in deep pain, depressed at not being able to see his children. But he still begged him not to tell anyone about his illness. That’s it The creative recluse, the life of a solitary troupe actor.

“I was the first to hear of his passing late on Sunday, May 7th. After confirmation, I called Zeb Ejiro. “I have very bad news for my brother Zeb”, I started . “What happened? ” he asked anxiously.

“Nollywood has fallen a big star”. Zeb burst into tears. I didn’t say who it was. But now he sobs helplessly and says, “Don’t tell me it’s San Aubie”.

“Sadly, he’s right. May his soul find peace,” the filmmakers concluded.

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