How To Download Photos From Instagram

The Instagram app is all about visual content. Amazing posts, interesting videos and much more! Don’t you think the app would have been better if we could download any Instagram posts? Well, we understand your urge to save pictures from Instagram and share with your loved ones on different apps or on our own profile. Hence we have enlisted some ways for you to easily download any Instagram photo to your device.

  • Save photos on Instagram itself: Let’s begin by saving the images on the app itself! While Instagram might not allow you to download photos, you can always save them on the app. This can be done by bookmarking individual posts. Here’s how you can go about doing it:

Step 1: to begin with, launch the Instagram app and move to the photo/ post you wish to save on the app.

Step 2: Next, simply tap on the ribbon shape icon at the lower right corner below the photo.

This is the archive icon and saves all your saved posts in a folder on the app. you can access all the bookmarked images, by going to settings and then tapping on saved option. All your saved posts will appear here. Mind that these photos will only remain in the folder until the original owner of the post doesn’t delete it.

  • Use Insta Zoom to download Instagram photos: One of the best ways to save any Instagram photo is by using an Instagram photo downloader app. Insta Zoom is one the highly downloaded and loved Instagram photo downloader app for both android and iOS users. Using this online application you can easily download any Instagram photo in HD to your device. Here’s how the app works:

Step 1: open Instagram app and open the photo you wish to download.

Step 2: now every photo has a unique URL, to download a post you need to copy that link. To do so, simply tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post and choose the “copy URL” option from the list.

Step 3: Now open the Insta Zoom app by downloading it from play store or app store or open the official website of Insta Zoom on any smart phone or PC.

Step 4: in the field given paste the copied URL and tap on the download button. The picture will be downloaded and saved to your gallery.

This app allows you to download unlimited Instagram profile pictures for free directly to the gallery, from where you can share it with anyone.

  • Snip screen: Now, this method is something we all have been doing, but at times might shy away under the impression that the owner of the post might know we took a screenshot. Well, let us burst your myth bubble! Taking a screenshot does not send notification to the owner that you took one. So you can freely take as many as you wish. Simply open the post and move to settings, now search and tap the screenshot or snip screen option. It will capture your entire screen. You can use the traditional method of taking screenshots that apply to your phones.


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