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As you settle into a long-term relationship, you might start asking yourself whether your partner is someone you could start a family with. Among the many things to consider, you’ll probably wonder how he would handle kids.

It takes a little more than just liking kids to determine whether or not your partner has what it takes.

Here are a few things to consider but the bottom line is, you can’t really know how someone will behave in a certain situation until that situation arises.

1. He’s loving
What is love? That’s the age-old question. Beyond the excitement of a new romance where giddiness and passion are the ruling sentiments, real love looks like thoughtfulness, compassion and kindness. If he is respectful and loving to you and those around him, chances are he’ll be a loving father when the time comes.

2. He’s nurturing
Traditionally, to be nurturing is a trait generally attributed to women. As wonderful as that is, the ability to nurture isn’t confined to any specific gender. Children especially need nurture and affection and if those are attributes he possesses, he’s someone to keep around.

3. He communicates well
Parenthood is a partnership. While there are many who do it on their own, it helps to have somebody you can trust and rely on to help raise your children. If you and your partner are able to work through problems and divulge concerns with one another, chances are that will continue as you start having kids. Nobody is a perfect parent, but you can work together to create a fostering environment for your family.

4. He has a sense of humour
Kids don’t come with an instruction manual and even when they’re not your own, they sure can try a person’s patience. If he’s able to laugh through life and its many mishaps by finding humour in the chaos, then you have found an extraordinary individual. A sense of humour will help relieve stress and a positive outlook will help maintain a greater perspective. And that’s not to mention the amplified ability he’ll have to keep the kids entertained.

5. He tries his best
To be a parent is no walk in the park and there is no one-size-fits-all. But if you have a partner who puts forth his best efforts, admits when he makes mistakes and works hard in all he does, he will more than likely make an excellent father. Someone who possesses all of the “perfect” traits for parenthood will get nowhere if he or she is not willing to try and keep trying; parenthood is not a responsibility that comes and goes with convenience. Yes, he will make mistakes – but so will you. A willing heart and an eager spirit will tell you that he will do his best and ultimately that’s all anyone can do.


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