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How To Know If A Man Is Worth Dating – 17 Signs » Ngnews247

Women tend to put a lot of energy emotionally and practically into dating men in hopes of finding the “right” one.

Their time and energy goes into meeting the best person who fulfills all their wish list checks.

But they don’t really think about whether all the men they’re dating are really worth all that time and effort.

When people start liking someone, it’s natural to be put off by a newfound crush, but thinking about who is worth your while and who isn’t will only shorten your journey.

Ladies, these are the telltale signs a guy needs to watch out for in order to understand if he is “the” guy worth your 100% of your time and attention.

– He is a gentle person who communicates with everyone in a friendly manner.

– He looks at you like you’re the most amazing person he’s ever known.

– He expresses you in small ways that make him happy.

– He makes you feel special. You will feel more special than other women in his life.

– He’s trying to tell you that you deserve the best, and he’s ready to give it all to you.

– He respects all women. This is very important!

– He believes in equality and lives it, not just trying to charm you with words.


– He is a great listener and remembers the little details of your conversations with him. Pay attention, he is paying attention.

– He won’t hesitate to show you his love and admiration.

– He knows how to say he likes you and express his interest in you openly.

– He makes the other person understand that he belongs to you and proudly opens up about your relationship.

– He makes time for you just like you, and even tries to get to know you better every day.

– He supports everything you do and encourages you to do better for yourself.

– He keeps complimenting you and makes dating romantic. the way you like.

– He takes care of the little details that you like and uses them in a certain way again and again to express his feelings.

– He loves being with you as much as you do and won’t cancel any plans you’ve made.

– He invites you to hang out with his friends to let you know what kind of people he is around.

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