How to Make Sure You Are Ready for Love Following a Painful Break-Up

After a breakup, things can feel sad and hopeless for a while. Breakups are rarely easy, and it always takes time to grieve before you are ready to move on. It’s always important to take that time to grieve, heal, and recover. But then, at some point, you will be ready to move on and find new love. 

How do you know when you are truly ready to move on and find new love? Check out these simple checks and balances that might help you decide if you are truly ready for new love. 

Chat with a Psychic

If you are into psychic readings, this is a great way to confirm whether you are ready to move on. You can request a love tarot spread to get a reading that is specific to your love life. There are different types of love spreads that can be used. Some spreads will look at a specific relationship, some will look at current and future love, and some even look at whether you should stay or go. 

Work with a trusted psychic to get the best reading and use the spread that is the right fit for your situation. While these are not necessarily exact, they can be useful for giving you some direction or inspiration for your love life. There may be signs to pick up on that direct you one way or another. 

How Do You Feel? 

Are you feeling excited or nervous about the prospect of dating again? If you feel any desire to start dating again, this could be a great sign that you are ready. Don’t mistake the desire to start dating for loneliness. It’s common to feel lonely after a breakup, but rushing into a new relationship doesn’t resolve that. 

If you feel ready to move on and you feel excited about the possibility of finding someone new, you just might be ready. If you feel scared and you feel hurt or like no one can replace your ex, then you might need some more time still. 

Increasing Attractions

When you have a painful breakup, it takes time to start being attracted to other people again on a relationship level. This is a deeper attraction than just thinking someone is good-looking. It’s an attraction that draws you to a person and intrigues you to wonder whether you might be good for a relationship. 

If you’re starting to feel these attractions or you’re attracted to a specific person, this is a great sign you are ready to move on. It may not work out, but it’s still worth pursuing to determine whether it could be a great new love. 

Don’t force attraction or dating. It’s perfectly acceptable to wait until you do feel that connection with someone that makes you want to consider a relationship. 

Your Ex Becomes a Memory

When you first break up, you heavily focus on your relationship and what went wrong. You are often hyper-sensitive to your ex and things about your relationship. Sometimes you become obsessed with what they are doing now or what they did wrong. 


As you heal and your mind and heart prepare to move on, these memories and thoughts will become less frequent. Your ex will become a memory that no longer takes over your thoughts and actions. You will be able to go out in public without worrying you will see your ex with someone new. You won’t be focused on making them jealous or running into them. 

They will remain a part of your memories and your life, but they become a part of the past rather than the focus of your current life and future. 

Feel the Butterflies

As you become interested in another, you’re going to feel more. You’re going to want to get out there and meet new people. You’re going to have the desire to go on dates or seek new love. You’re going to feel butterflies and excitement when you meet new prospects, or someone captures your attention. 

Allow yourself to feel the butterflies and just be excited for what may come! 

Final Thoughts

Finding new love after a painful breakup can be hard. No formula tells us exactly how long to wait before we move on. We are all different, which means our needs to move are different as well. Give yourself the time to grieve, heal, and enjoy life for a bit without a relationship, and when you feel ready mentally and emotionally, that’s when you should start considering getting back into the dating world. 

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