How to pick up the pieces? France reckons with week of riots


How should France clean up the mess? From outrage over the police shooting and its attempted cover-up, to the rioting and destruction that left the local mayor’s wife hospitalized, is the violence now drowning out the legitimate outrage that sparked it? There is no justification for looting and vandalism, or targeting law enforcement officers with firecrackers. Why are so many people so young on the street? Is the escalation avoidable? We ask for national responses.

In previous crises, the French government has been accused of being deliberately harsh. After all, the endless cycle of fiery images on the TV news has helped the Macron government turn public opinion against the yellow vest protesters, but is this time different?

How did we get here from the death of 17-year-old Nahel? Can this be avoided?

Produced by Juliette Laurin, Rebecca Gninati and Leopoldine Iribalen.

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