How To Start Zobo Drinks Business and Make Money In Nigeria (2023)

Zobo drink is a popular pick-me-up drink in Nigeria made from dried hibiscus flowers. Starting a Zobo beverage business in Nigeria can be a lucrative venture due to the high demand for the beverage in the country.

How to Start a Zobo Beverage Business

Following are the steps to start a Zobo beverage business in Nigeria:

1. Conduct market research: Before starting a zobo beverage business in Nigeria, it is important to conduct market research to determine product demand, competition, pricing and target market. This will help you identify potential customers, understand their preferences and develop unique sales proposals.

2. Create a recipe: It is important to develop a good recipe for your Zobo drink. You can experiment with different ingredients and flavors to create a unique taste that stands out in the market. Some examples of other ingredients you can use include ginger, pineapple, mint or lemon.

3. Raw material sources: Sourcing the right raw materials is very important to producing a quality Zobo beverage. Dried hibiscus flowers can be sourced from local farmers or markets. Other ingredients such as ginger, pineapple or lemon can also be sourced from local markets.

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4. Obtain necessary licenses and permits: It is very important to obtain the necessary licenses and permits required to operate a zobo beverage business in Nigeria. These licenses and permits include business registration certificates, food and beverage licenses, and tax file numbers.

5. Set up your production space: You need a clean and spacious area to make your Zobo drinks. The production space should be well ventilated and have proper storage facilities to store your raw materials.

6. Brand and packaging: The branding and packaging of your Zobo beverages is important as it will determine how your customers perceive your product. You can work with a graphic designer to create a unique logo and packaging design that will stand out in the market.

7. Marketing and Distribution: Marketing your zobo beverage business is important to attracting customers. You can promote your business through social media platforms, flyers or word of mouth. You can also distribute your products to local supermarkets, restaurants and cafes.

Example: Drinkart Zobo is a successful zobo beverage company in Nigeria. They offer Zobo drinks in different flavors such as Pineapple and Ginger, Lemon and Mint, and Mango and Passion Fruit. They have a strong social media presence and distribute their products to local supermarkets and cafes. They also provide catering for events such as weddings and birthdays.

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How to make money from Zobo Business

There are several ways to make money from a zobo business in Nigeria. Here are some strategies you can implement to increase your income:

1. Sell directly to customers: One of the most common ways to make money from a zobo business is by selling directly to customers. This can be done by setting up stalls or kiosks in busy areas such as markets or street corners. You can also offer delivery for customers who order products online or over the phone.

2. Sell to retailers: Another way to make money from your zobo business is by selling your products to retailers such as supermarkets, grocery stores and cafes. You can offer them bulk order discounts and negotiate a good price that will net you a profit.

3. Provide catering services: You can cater for events such as weddings, birthdays and corporate events. This can be a lucrative way to make money, as events often require a lot of drinks.

4. Diversify your product range: You can expand your product range by offering different flavors of zobo drinks or adding other drinks to your line. This can attract a wider client base and increase your revenue.

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5. Build an online presence: You can build an online presence by setting up a website or social media pages for your zobo business. This can help you reach a wider audience and make it easier for customers to order your products.

6. Participate in food and beverage exhibitions: Attending food and beverage exhibitions can help you showcase your products to a wider audience and attract potential customers. You can also network with other business owners in the industry to learn about new trends and strategies for growing your business.

By implementing these strategies, you can make money from your zobo business in Nigeria and grow your client base.

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