I Am Biafran Not Nigerian (Video)

American pop singer and influencer Darlington Okoye, also known as Speed ​​Darlington, said he was not Nigerian.

The internet sensation said in a popular video that he was from Biafra. Affectionately known as Akpi, he has also revealed that he is not a Christian.

He made the statement in response to demands from his followers for his forgiveness and to move on after he continued to complain about the noise pollution caused by a nearby church.

The entertainer put a curse on people who asked him to forgive the church. He reiterated that he is not a Christian, nor a Nigerian.

Speed ​​Darlington said; “Thunder fire you and that ‘forgive and forget’. I’m not Nigerian I’m Biafra, you pass me I sink you. I’m not even a Christian. “

Watch the clip:

Three weeks ago, he lamented for the first time that he woke up on a Monday morning and decided to report to the church because they had interrupted his rest.

Noting that everyone in the country is not Christian, Speedy asked if there was any government office he could visit to complain about noise pollution in places of worship.

The social media personality complained that he tolerated church noise on Sunday and was dealing with the same thing on a weekday Monday.

Sharing the clip, Speedy wrote;“How can non-Christians protect themselves from this noise pollution? Yelling through a megaphone doesn’t make you the holiest, instead you end up in hell because you didn’t use your God to oppress Christians. Do you know where to complain? “

He added that church members yelled as if they were the ones who made heaven the most important.

These people yelled that they most wanted to go to heaven. Shut up man, everyone is not a Christian…

“Too noisy, is there anywhere to complain about noise pollution. Why all the yelling, only you are a Christian?” He said.

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