I Be Fool, I’ve Gone Back – Raybekah, Viral Lady Who Sang About Never Going Back To Her Ex (Video)

Nigerian musician Raybekah, who rose to fame more than a year ago after singing a song in which she vowed never to get back to her ex-boyfriend, has released a reverse song.

In the first song, which was originally freestyle, she said that she would be a fool if she ever went back to the man she was with.

After becoming an Internet sensation and getting a deal for the song, she went on to release more singles.

But, in a recent video, Raybekah dropped another version as she updated people on how she’s gotten back with her ex-boyfriend.

In both videos, the artist has a group of people as backing vocals. The first song, where the man is a backup, has the lyrics; “Going back to my ex-boyfriend would be a fool.”

Given that the current song has women as her backing vocals, they sing; “I’m a fool, yes, I’m back to my ex, I’m back.”

Interestingly, Raybeka later clarified that she wrote the song for her friend, who went back to the guy she dumped.

Watch the clip below:

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