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I Can Never Date A Yahoo Boy Despite How They Spoil Their Babes – Nigerian Lady Stirs Mixed Reactions » Ngnews247

A Nigerian woman named Ruth ha said that no amount of money was enough to get her to consider dating an internet scammer, the Yahoo boy.

She noted on her Twitter page that she saw how they gave gifts and money to their girlfriends, but that still didn’t stop them from changing their minds.

Ruth’s post drew mixed reactions, with some defending her in her shoes and others calling her pretentious.

She wrote; “I would never date a Yahoo boy even though they doted on their girlfriends with cash and gifts.”

Mrs. Yahoo Boys

Response, @scarpon wrote; God bless you ladies who still have this ethic… I will always say this no matter the pressure, I will never be a Yahoo… ever 💯

official_emmanuel_johnson; while few ladies still have good morals ❤️

oni_daramola; me too! ! But it’s funny watching the yahoo boys attack her for her choices 😂

bigibk__; But no, most of Yahoo’s money goes to this Nigerian🇳🇬.From their pockets to the boy money is in your bank account anyway

Ferrami; make me loose watch. You are suitable to marry an office worker, he is suitable to be a Yahoo, and he uses a lot of money. You never understand. Nah man way throw yourself into una to know.

marley_jnr1; Where do you see money for wigs and iwatches?

heluvsviona; but they are good for washing your shakes 😂
Pacho__00; No, this girl begged the mayor of ekiti for money oh you can’t date a yahoo guy 😂😂😂


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