I Didn’t Think I Was Worth £105m – Declan Rice » NGNews247

Declan Rice, Arsenal’s £105 million summer signing from West Ham, has admitted that he initially felt nervous about the hefty price tag associated with his transfer.

Rice, who has seamlessly integrated into Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal side, revealed that the thought of being valued at such a high amount was initially overwhelming. “When the transfer was going through, I was very nervous because of the price tag,” Rice confessed. “It’s natural to think about that. You’re a human being bought for £105 million, it doesn’t feel very normal.”

However, Rice quickly recognized that his value stemmed from his consistent performances at West Ham. “But that was because of what I’d done at West Ham, what they valued me at,” he explained.

Upon joining Arsenal, Rice adopted a “be myself” approach, determined to let his natural talent shine through. “When I signed for Arsenal, I just thought I just need to be Declan Rice, be myself, don’t be any different, everything will go smoothly,” he asserted.

While acknowledging the pressure that comes with such a substantial transfer fee, Rice remained focused on delivering consistent performances. “It’s £100 million, it’s a lot of money, I could understand the pressure that comes with it,” he acknowledged. “Not only the pressure you put on yourself but there’s an expectation of being bought for that much money we need to see performances straight away.”

Despite the initial nerves, Rice has seamlessly transitioned into his new role at Arsenal, proving that his value extends far beyond the price tag. His dedication to his craft and unwavering self-belief have made him an invaluable asset to the Gunners.

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