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Grammy-winning singer Damini Oguru, better known as Burna Boy, revealed he knew he had become a big artist after a concert in 2014.

He said it was his first time playing at a stadium in the southeastern region of Nigeria, and the way fans flocked made him realize he was popular.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1Xtra, Burner pointed out that people in the South East mostly like entertainers from the region, so for an outsider to be accepted by them is a big deal.

The Afrobeats star said he had never seen that kind of love before and he didn’t think it was real.

In response to a question about when he knew he was famous, Berner said; “In 2014, that was the first time I performed in a stadium in eastern Nigeria.

They only like their own people, so if you cross over there and you’re not there, then you know you’re gone.

I’ve never seen anything like it, I don’t even think it’s real (laughs) it’s a real thing that could happen

Watch the interview below:

Meanwhile, upstart rapper Odumodublvck says no one in the industry is helping African beat singer Burna Boy achieve professional success.

In a video, he responded to those who criticized Berner for declaring himself the best of his generation.

Odumodou, a fan of the “Odogwu” singer, said Jesus Christ, not humans, paved the way for Berner.

According to the successful producer of Declan Rice, no one in the industry likes the Grammy winner because he never kowtows to anyone.

He said the singer has been through a lot and has carved a path for himself despite his humble beginnings.

Odumodublvck accused Nigerians of trying to take pride in someone’s success when using Burna Boy as a case study.

The rapper asked people to leave Berner alone, saying that if he crowned himself the best, then everyone should accept it as such.

Odumodu said; “I wake up in the morning and see people saying why Burna Boy said nobody paved the way for me. Baba, no one made the way for the Bernard boy, God, Jesus Christ made the way for me.

For this business, no one likes Burna Boy because that guy has guts….2012 dey shxx to that guy. He’s from the trenches so none of you should come and say “I helped this guy”

If someone helps you today na based on saying God has you to help that person but for Naija una go wan dey take glory for another person’s success.

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