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When a young Nigerian man decided to post a cult song on his WhatsApp status, he got more than he expected.

The man uploaded a video of him and some friends singing a song said to be an anthem of a cult in the country.

He was wearing a yellow shirt and matching hat, the Buccaneers’ signature colors. After his status was seen by the cult members, they somehow got his contact information and started to torture him via DM.

A cultist asked him to identify himself correctly so they would know if he was one of them. Another told him that their Capone (whom he called “the pilot”) wanted to meet him.

The student was terrified and later reposted a video of him enjoying the cult song with three people on his Instagram Story, along with a chat transcript, while denying he was a cult member.

He blamed a friend of his named Damo K for getting him into trouble because he seemed to be the one who came up with the idea.

He also hastily deleted his WhatsApp to avoid further contact from those who inquired about him.

“Damo K sees your reason. I’m not a cult,” he wrote.

See the post below:

iamlavish8; No flight booked, why did the pilot Dey call me 🤣

Live without regrets; when you arrive at Kabah, you will explain it 😂😂😂

New Catello; pilot cough, when do I book a flight ✈️😂

You’re Fred; when do you go to aviation school? ? 😂

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