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I Officially Tap Out – Congolese Lady Says As She Quits Dating Nigerian Men, Netizens Reacts » Ngnews247

A Congolese woman has made a public service statement that she is no longer interested in dating any men in Nigeria.

She said she was tired of dealing with Nigerian men because they were too proud and stubborn.

In a video posted on social media, the beautiful woman gave the men a vote of thanks and said they were meant to be with Nigerian women.

She thanked them for the good times together, the gifts, the laughter and the excitement, but noted that she would not be going down this road again.

According to the British entrepreneur, she has decided to go home and focus solely on dating Congolese men.

Watch her speak below:

In response, @biyiselfmade said; Una go dating 5 Nigerians and out yearing ‘Nigerian Men’ we pass 50million

@martinobanti; the level of pride she went through with us, and the level of emotional stubbornness she couldn’t handle. Thankfully, Nigerian men have realized they are the prize. Say no to manipulation and weaponization of sex. By the way, Congolese men are not men.


@carloz95342088; Funny when I see some African women especially from Kenya complimenting these men it’s not that there are no good Nigerian men but most of them are not nice to women

@GeniusJokerNG; Give us two more chances, sister, try dating Femi or Ola before you give up…these two will convince you!

@RockVoorhees; translation: Nigerian men have high self-esteem and are not easily manipulated, so I’m running back to my countrymen (Congo) who I can play with at will. Well, good luck to my sister!

@erasmus_00; everyone needs Nigeria hype smh we are the greatest country in Africa..everyone wants to talk about Nigeria it’s crazy

@FIZO10192; The reason I like Congolese women is, Dem sabi known well as weargad🤞🏾if Congolese women hold you down to bed 🛏 walahi na you go run🏃‍♂️from dem Las Las. I salute 🙌 to all the Congolese ladies out there, I salute 🙋🏽‍♂️Merci Mama, Merci Boku, Merci Maseri…Otontome Mama.

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