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I Planned To ‘Japa’ Before Winning HOR Seat With Labour Party » Ngnews247

Esosa Iyawe, the elected member of the House of Representatives for the Oredo federal constituency in Edo state, said he planned to move out of Nigeria and then be lucky to win the legislative seat on the Labor Party platform.

The 40-year-old said the high cost of living in the country was the main reason he considered leaving, but changed his mind after he was declared the winner of the Feb. 25 election for the House of Representatives.

According to Benson, the University of Idahosa graduate, he believes he can beat seasoned politicians because people see themselves in him.

Yawe said; “At one point, I even had plans to relocate to another country because the more I worked, the less I got as the naira was losing value every day. Although Nigeria is blessed with natural resources, the cost of living is high and inflation is soaring. A lot of countries don’t have a tenth of what we have, but with proper planning they live just fine, while we’re still trying to get things working for a few years, we’re still underdeveloped.

“So, I decided to go all out and make sure that if Obi became president, I would help create and support legislation that would allow him to function well as one of his protégés. I believe we need laws based on common sense to make things work Go. As an engineer, I believe I have the ability to do something that positively impacts the people of Oredo. That’s why I’m really in the race.”

“I believe people see themselves in me. They see me as a commoner like them and can deal with them. They see me going to the same market as them. I buy fuel at the same price they buy, I feel their pain too. We all go out and campaign, but people see that I’m genuine and want someone new that resonates with them.”

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