I Pray Before Performing On Stage – Ace Singer, Davido

Nigerian superstar singer Davido revealed that he prays every time he goes on stage to perform.

The singer covers the latest edition of the Forbes Afrobeats All-Stars; pioneering new global sounds.

He said he had learned a lot from his father, Chief Addeji Adelek, and stressed that he was a humble, principled and committed Christian.

The “Adventure” singer said he inherited his father’s unwavering dedication to prayer.

He said, “I learned a lot from my dad, watching him in the office, listening to him on the phone, seeing how he handles life. He was very humble, principled and a strong Christian. Before going on any stage, my team knows not to interrupt my prayers.”

Davido said he initially hid his music career from his family because the normal routine was to go to school, graduate and then work for his father.

He added that he’s been so lucky in his career, emphasizing that the reason he signs artists is not to make money from them, but to see them grow and be a part of their success.

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