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The reunion show of Brother Naia, which was broadcast last night, was loved by the audience because of the farce between Chi Chi and his former lover Deji.

Kiki accuses Dek-ji of lying to her and sleeping with old women for money. Dej responded that he told Kiki from the beginning that they were not in a relationship because he needed time to get to know her.

In his words:

I came to the show to play games, I didn’t come to BBNaija to find relationships.

I made it clear to Kiki when I was at home that we were not in a relationship.

I kept telling her we weren’t dating and we shouldn’t be photographed acting like we loved each other.

Kiki would be embarrassed if I had a receipt for everything she said behind the camera.

Whenever the shipper gave us money, she took it all.

While in Cape Town, I kept my distance from her.

She also wanted me to inherit her enemies. If I did, I’d lose great friendships with other people.

Chi-Chi using BBNaija platform as pov £rty elevation plan, she too {runs babe}

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