I’ll Take A Second Spouse If My Wife Agrees » NGNews247

Pop singer Harrison Okori, also known as Harrysong, has reiterated that he is ready to take a second wife.

Ngnews247 recalled that last Wednesday, the singer revealed his plans to marry a second spouse while celebrating the birthday of his wife Alexer Perez Gopa via his Instagram page.

Harrison expanded on the controversial statement in a recent interview with Hip TV, explaining that he had to get his wife’s consent before he could take a second wife.

He said he loved and respected his wife and would not do anything without her permission.

The “Better Pikin” singer said his desire for a second spouse stemmed from his love for a big family.

He said: “I love my wife very much. I take great care of her. I respect her very much.

“I’m not going to do anything that she’s not involved with or doesn’t [that] She won’t allow it. So, if I’m talking about taking a second wife, yes, maybe. But that doesn’t constitute disrespect to my wife. It will be what she allows, what she agrees to. Basically I don’t disrespect her. So if I’m talking about taking a second wife, please know that we’re all going to be one big family, together. “

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