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I’m Addicted To Snatching Husbands – Nigerian Lady Cries Out » Ngnews247

A Nigerian woman who calls herself Sandra has called for help over her habit of sleeping with the husbands of other women.

She says she can’t stop stealing men from their wives, but she does lose interest in men when he leaves his partner for her, which she thinks is a problem that needs a therapist.

Sandra says; “I have a really big problem. Is there a therapist in the house because I don’t think my problem is normal. I like stealing men. I get turned on easily when I sleep with another woman’s man. Be a husband or Boyfriend. My girlfriends hate me for it.

But when that guy decides to break up with his girlfriend so we can fully have a relationship, I lose interest in the relationship and opt out. I have slept with all my friends and classmate boyfriends. The instant you see your boyfriend or husband, the desire to sleep with him will come up.

One of my girls found out her boyfriend was cheating on her with me and she broke up with him. D guy begging us to get into a full time relationship and stop playing hide and seek. I immediately lost interest and moved on. If a single man comes for a relationship. You tell me right away you’re single and I won’t date you. Does anyone wear the same shoes as me? “

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