I’m Confident You Will Protect Global Environment – Peter Obi

Labor presidential candidate Peter Obie took to Twitter to congratulate King Charles III and Queen Camilla on their coronation on Saturday.

Obie said he believed his promotion would provide better support for poorer people, especially in Africa.

Recall that King Charles III was officially crowned at Westminster Abbey on Saturday. Additionally, Camilla was crowned queen consort.

In his speech, the former Anambra governor said he believed King Charles would support the protection of the global environment.

He wrote: “My heartiest congratulations to King Charles III and Queen Camilla on their coronation today. As someone who has had the privilege of meeting and discussing with you in person, especially in your campaign for development and climate issues, I am sure you wish Always protect our global environment.

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“I am confident that your rule will promote peace and security for the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth countries of which Nigeria is a member.

“Through your ascension, I do hope that the richer Commonwealth countries will be able to provide better support to the poorer countries on a wide range of economic issues, especially in Africa.

“May God grant you health and wisdom to be effective in your new position.”

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