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I’m Materialistic – Lady Boldly Tells Guy Wooing Her At Shopping Mall » Ngnews247

A Nigerian woman has left a prankster speechless after confidently revealing the types of things she does to get her interested in men.

He approached her at a shopping mall and started a conversation about wanting to meet her and be friends.

The content creator, known as Mark, asked her name and she said Cora. He proceeds to tell her that he doesn’t want to buy anything there and that his only purpose is to be too wooing to her.

She responded decently to him for most of the conversation, but when he asked for her phone number so they could get in touch later, she told him she wouldn’t give it out to strangers.

Mike asked for her IG so they could be friends from the start, but she told him to pay first for things her friend wanted to buy.

He expresses his shock and wonders if this is her normal way of behaving, to which she replies in the affirmative that she is materialistic and likes money.

Watch the video below:

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