“I’m still a virgin at 33” Destiny Etiko reveals in interview

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has caused a stir online when she revealed her virginity status.

The talented movie star revealed in an interview with OakTV that Destiny Etiko surprised a lot of people with her answer when asked about her body size.

Destiny Etiko claims to be a virgin and is only 33 years old.

Revealing why, she blamed it on her severe social anxiety and not having strong relationships.

“I’m still a virgin because of severe social anxiety… I still haven’t reached that level of relationship”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Destiny Etiko sends a message to her colleagues about living a fake lifestyle.

Such a lifestyle, she said, can drive away the helpers of their fate.

“If you know you’re managing your life, even if you’re not managing your life, there’s no need to come on social media and yell. You’re this you’re that, I own this and I own that. You don’t know When you are chasing your destiny helper. Don’t come and say you have something you don’t. You do this you do that. It doesn’t pay.

Why do I say that. I took the money, you can see me, I will tell you. My sister you control. You sef think that say ah Nawa oh. I’ve been thinking about saying this guy got that kind of money sef but if I get any link she’s managing, I go for the link. Stop living a fake life”.

Destiny Etiko isn’t the only female star to confirm her virginity.

“Staying virginity is hard, but I will stay strong” – BBNaija Cindy Okafor

Nollywood actress and former “Big Brother Naia” roommate Cindy Okafor laments her struggles as a virgin.

The reality star made it public when commenting on an Instagram post about her virginity.

According to Cindy, staying a virgin is not easy, but she handles it well.

“Maintaining my virginity has been difficult, but I will stay strong,” she wrote.

I’m a virgin but I’m scared of getting pregnant like Mary in the Bible – BBNaija Nini reveals

And Anita Singh, roommate of ex-big brother Naija ‘Shine ya Eyes’, who was known to be declared a virgin by Nini.

However, Nini said she experienced as many as seven pregnancy scares during the seven weeks she spent at BBNaija.

She made the remarks while speaking with Cross at a party on Saturday night. Cross accuses Nini of hiding something about herself.

He said: “You have to understand that I’m sure you’re going to have my back and I’m going to be backing you. I’m sure you’re not really who you are in this house. It’s like you’ve been giving us half of you, not all of it.
“But no matter what you tell me, I’ll believe it and accept it. So tell me the truth, have you ever had sex with Saga?”

Reacting, Nini, who was 27 at the time, said, “I’m a virgin. I said I was a virgin. Is it your virginity? You don’t know me well enough to be sure I’m not. What do you want me to tell you? It’s like yesterday , I got pregnant before my period came, and I have been pregnant seven times since I came to this house.Because sometimes, like Mary got pregnant from a perfect conception, I used to be afraid that it would happen to me. “

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