In Ghana, Police Seize Car of Lady Who Sued Her Sugar Daddy

Police in Ghana have seized Deborah Seyram Adablah’s car under a court order after she sued her sugar daddy for failing to keep a promise to look after her.

The woman, an employee of First Atlantic Bank, dragged her former boss and secret lover, Ernest Kwasi Nimako, to the Accra High Court.

In the proceedings dated January 23, 2023, defendants are expected to appear in court by Friday, January 27, 2023.

Deborah has completed her military service at the bank, which ends in July 2021, however, she says she was forced into a relationship with a married man or she could be frustrated in the workplace if she doesn’t give in to his advances .

The plaintiff said Mr Ernest promised to buy her a car, pay her rent for three years and give her a monthly allowance of RM3,000.

Deborah also said her former boss agreed to divorce his wife and marry her because his marriage had broken beyond repair, and that he would give her a large sum of money to start her own business.

A video circulating online shows the car being towed away by police at the direction of a judge.

Watch the clip below:

As may be recalled, in her Summons and Statement of Claim, she stated that Sugar Daddy bought the car, a Honda Civic, worth 120,000 GH as promised, but registered in his name.

She told the court that after enjoying the car for about a year, he denied her the right to continue using it.

The complainant revealed that he arranged for her to stay for three years, but only paid rent for one year.

She also alleges that the accused abused, sexually harassed, tortured, exploited and demeaned her.

Deborah said she was offered a permanent job with the company after her military service, but she turned it down because manager Ernest promised her a comfortable life.

According to her, their relationship soured in July 2022, when Ernest decided to stop paying her rent and provide other benefits he had promised her.

She was then forced to sue her sugar daddy for breach of contract.

Deborah asked the court to order the defendant to fulfill all promises, including giving her the money to start a business.

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