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Iremide Adeoye Bio – Iremide ‘fantasticks’ Adeoye is a multi-award winning actor, lifestyle/fashion digital content creator, multi-talented creative and media personality. I am from Osun state, Nigeria.

He is a recipient of the Salary Forum Award and a nominee for various awards. He has entertained since childhood and is still actively involved in it.

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Fantasticks is a performance percussionist who plays drum kits and talking drums professionally and has performed on the platforms of major events using these instruments.

He is talented and has mastered his craft. Iremide started playing drums at age 4 and talking drums at age 9.

can we meet you

I am adeoye iremide Favour, also known as Fantastick. I am 20 years old.

what line of work are you in?

In general, I’m an entertainer. I handle anything entertainment related (drumming, speaking, acting, hosting and planning events, and influencing brands).

How did you start your business?

I started playing drums at 4 years old and 9 years old before anything else started to come along. I am passionate about entertainment.

What brought you into this industry?

The fact that I had to use my talent wisely and my passion for it drove me into it.

What are your business goals and vision?

I want to be a brand to be reckoned with, a household name in all entertainment, while being a huge inspiration for every talent (young/old).

Did you hire a professional to train or do it yourself?

Like I said, I have talent, but talent without training is useless. So, I worked out myself, and with the help of some other factors, I’ve been able to improve myself.

What problem is your business solving?

I wouldn’t call it a problem; rather, I’m in the business of serving people with great pleasure.

How do you combine school and business?

There is a time for everything, although that is easier said than done. As a student and entertainer, I have to do double the average student, but the Lord has been helping me.

How do you see yourself; a company, a brand or a boy with a passion for business?

I am a brand.

Who is the target audience for your business?

All ages.

Are you making money from your business?

Yes, I made money.

Where do you get your motivation and who are your role models?

Motivation comes from many places, and I have different role models in different fields. I can’t list them all.

Where and how do you get clients? Who are your customers?

I get clients in different ways. Some people come because they see me perform. Some people got to know me through referrals, some people got to know me through social media.

What makes your brand stand out?

I tell everyone I’m great. I’m so different from everyone else. There is no other me anywhere. Also, the fact that I have a professional sense of what I do makes my brand unique.

When you see outstanding kids create miracles in different fields, do you feel motivated to try more, or do you feel like you are falling behind?

I feel great. The dream is to awaken the talented giant in every child’s heart. Plus, I have a cooperative rather than competitive mentality. My biggest competitor is myself.

What tools do you use in your business?

So many, but easy to pick from the names of the things I do.

Have you ever felt down because of parental, sibling, friend or academic pressure?

No, I have all the encouragement I need.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Bigger and better, with God’s help.

Besides your business, what other things are you good at?

Talking and other things related to socializing.

Do you have anything to say about other kids with potential?

Never give up on your dreams. Know exactly what you want and work hard for it. pray. Walk and work with people who can positively influence your journey and like-minded people who can support your dreams.

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