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We didn’t mince words when we said the BBNaija reunion drama was picking up steam. Ebuka spares no effort in the show’s second episode. Chichi followed suit, resolving the dispute between her and her roommate.

Ebuka asks Chichi about rumors of her constant argument with her roommate on a Pepsi-sponsored trip. The star was quick to get blunt about Abka. She claims she has no problem with any roommates except Deji.

“It’s just Dej,” Kiki insists; thus dispelling the rumor that she’s being unruly to all her roommates.

Chomzy was asked to verify Chichi’s claim. She seems unwilling to do so. Ebuka probes her further and asks her if this is true. She deflected the question, claiming she wasn’t sure why she was being asked to defend the claims.

When Ebuka asked Chomzy if she and Chichi were friends, he heard a deafening silence.

Is Chomzy the reason Deji and Chichi broke up?

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