Is Gigi de Lana Passed Out in Accident in la Union? Check Update Now!

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Did de Lana have any connection to any accidents?

Yes, De Lana and her fellow The Gigi Vibes bandmates were slightly injured in the accident, the band’s Facebook page revealed Sunday morning. The cause of the accident is not yet known. However, as soon as the tragedy was announced, various rumors began to spread, and the news quickly spread to all major social media platforms, causing heated discussions.

la union accident

Once the accident was reported on the band’s official Facebook page, people started looking for more information about the accident. Additionally, they stated that “all issues have been resolved” and luckily no one else was injured in the accident. Notably, the band members also received medical authorization from the Ilocos Training & Regional Health Center Hospital before opting to continue performing.

apologies for postponing the event.

The band made another statement on May 15, expressing their regret to the audience for what happened the night before and canceling their show at Nueva Ecija.Additionally, they require Gigidrana update And the quick recovery of other players.

Gijdrana car accident details

Gigi De Lana has revealed that she and the rest of her band, the Gigi Vibes, were involved in a La Union crash due to driver inattention. However, she reassured fans that she had undergone a medical check-up before and was fortunately not seriously injured. She added that despite my many bruises, my CT and X-ray results were clear.

related rumors Gigi de Lana passed out.

As viral news coverage of the event spread, so did a lot of speculation. Here are some famous urban legends:-

  • Gigi de Lana was drunk and driving.
  • The accident resulted in the death of the entire band.
  • In the accident, Gigi de Lana killed two people.
  • Gigi de Lana also passed out in the crash.

We would like to clarify to our readers that these rumors are not true. Just for perspective, like people are spreading these rumor kings.

health issues while performing

because la union accidentSinger Gigi de Lana collapsed at a “Himala ng Buhangin” party concert in Ilocos Norte last Sunday. Social media influencer Kriss Achino claimed Gigi passed out during her second song.

After Gigi passed out, paramedics rushed her backstage. Gigi and her bandmates got into an arm brace on stage after a car accident before a show.

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in conclusion

summing up this paragraph Gigidrana’s Accidentwe can say that Gigi and her band failed to complete the show and postponed their future shows at Nueva Ecija. She was interviewed for the same. Gigi also regrets having to postpone her performance in Nueva Ecija.

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Gijdrana accident Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. When did this accident happen?

May 13, 2023

Q2. How many followers do they have on Instagram?


Q3. How old is Gigi de Lana?

26 years old

Q4. What is the net worth of Gigi de Lana?

$ 1,000,000

Q5. When did Gigi de Lana start her career?


Q6. Is the news of Gigi de Lana’s death true?


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