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Who are Million and Marshall? What happened to Marshall and Million? Do you love dogs and keep pets? If yes, what is your pet’s name?read this article marshall and a million original videos. people from the Philippines, Germanyand U.S. Protests are underway against the authorities responsible for policing the dogs and assassinating them on the streets of London.


Details of the Million and Marshall Affair

People all over the world have been left disappointed and shocked by what police in London did after two stray dogs attacked a woman. On 7 May 2023, the incident occurred in the Poplar area of ​​London; 2 dogs allegedly attacked and injured a woman. After that, the police were informed and responded in the worst possible way. Police shot down two dogs, Million and Marshall.

Disclaimer: Our site condones any killing and violence. Therefore, we will prohibit any connection to the Million and Marshall murders.

more details about marshall and the million story

Marshall and Million were raised by a homeless man named Louie Turnbull (46). Marshall is an XL Bulldog and he is three years old. Million is an XL Alberta Bulldog (puppy) who is only nine months old.

According to authorities, Turnbull is not legally eligible to adopt or keep dogs. Except these pit bulls need social training so the public will be safe. However, Million and Marshall received no training. They just lived on the street with Louie.

How was Million & Marshall killed?

have A Marshall and the Million Full Video Tell how the dogs were put to death on YouTube. But this video is very heartbreaking and harrowing. The dogs became violent in defense of their owners when officers from the Metropolitan Police came to arrest Louie Turnbull on May 7.

When the dogs lost control and started attacking the police officers had to shoot them down to control the situation. The gunshots killed Million and Marshall. Police there arrested Louie for posing a threat to the public by illegally keeping two pit bulls. After shooting them down, police arrested Louis Turnbull.

public response marshall and a million original videos

Netizens who watched the video and learned the news of Wanwan and Marshall’s murder were all disheartened. They saluted and outraged the officers. Many animal rescue groups are protesting the killing of dogs. The woman who was attacked was disturbed by the news that the dog had been shot down. “Their lives are as precious as human lives,” her husband said.

Instead, many experts sided with the police department. Officials must have taken the action as a last resort, they claimed. No cop will hurt anyone without a good reason. marshall and a million original videos is the trend, and Animal rescue groups from the Philippines expressed their grief.

in conclusion

The article discusses the killing of two pit bulls, Million and Marshall. According to news sources, the dogs were raised by a homeless man named Louie Turnbull. The dog attacked a woman before police went to arrest the owner. The dogs lost control and the police shot them down. Everyone from all over the world is expressing their outrage over this.For details Petition against the killing of Million and Marshall, click here.

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updated on marshall and a million original videos: common problem

Q1. Who is Million & Marshall?

A1. Million and Marshall are bulldogs raised by Louie Turnbull.

Q2. Who is Louis Turnbull?

A2. The dogs are owned by Louie, a forty-six-year-old homeless man who lives on the streets of Poplar London.

Q3. What happened to Million & Marshall?

A3. Million & Marshall was shot down by police on May 7th.

Q4. Why do the police kill dogs?

A4. They went to arrest Louie, but the dogs wanted to protect him, and the situation escalated, eventually killing the dogs.

Q5. Why did the police arrest Louis?

A5. After a complaint was lodged against him and his dog, he was arrested. They violently attacked a woman.

Q6. Are Marshall and Millions original videos available?

A6. Yes, there are Million and Marshall videos on the Internet.

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