Is Travis Barker OK? Blink-182 drummer Suffers Severe Hand Injury After England Concert






Travis Barker has been attracting attention on the internet and many social media pages for the past few days. It is coming to light that he has suffered a serious injury to his hand and this news has become a topic of discussion. He is an American musician and he is mostly known for his drumming skills. He is the drummer for the rock band Blink-182 and has a huge fan following around the world. Many people are worried about his injury and themselves and are asking various types of questions. Here we will share all the information about his injury and also talk about him in this article.According to exclusive reports, Travis and his wife have resumed their European tour with his band Blink-182 after experiencing a medical emergency. He is now getting medical help for himself. Recently, he posted a picture showing his seriously injured fingers which he got injured during his concert in Manchester, England. The incident occurred at a Blink-182 concert in Manchester, England on Sunday. She shared the photo on her Instagram Story with “sensitive material” and explained that her hand was covered in bandages bound with medical tape and covered in blood. Swipe up this page and continue reading to learn more about Travis’ injury.Is Travis Barker OK?The question still remains about the circumstances surrounding the injury. In this picture, it is seen that his fingers scraped and had open wounds. The blood had already dried by the time he finished his performance, leaving a noticeable stain on his black pants. After coming out of his injury news, many of his fans were worried for him but he didn’t allow his injury to stop him and he stepped again on stage on Monday, 16 October 2023 the very next day he posted an image of his hurt hand. He has a severe finger injury, involving dislocation and torn ligaments.On 9 October 2023, his son celebrated his 20th birthday by performing at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Though Barker couldn’t make it to cheer his son, Landon’s proud mother Shanna Moakler occupied the front seat and shared a long message. Travis Landon Barker is his birth name but he is mostly known as “The Baron von Tito”, “Bones” and Clarence. He was born on 14 November 1975 in Fontana, California, United States. His name has been getting attention for the last few days because of his injury and we have shared all the details about his injury above in this article. Stay tuned with to read more articles.

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