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It’s Okay To Let Other Guys, If Your Boyfriend Fail Take You Out » Ngnews247

A South African comedian named Chrissy Matts has come up with a condition under which women in relationships are allowed to date other men.

If a girl feels unappreciated because her boyfriend doesn’t ask her out, she is free to say yes to different men’s requests, she said.

Chrissy shared her controversial views on the microblogging site Twitter, and it generated a lot of reaction.

The comedian wrote; “It’s totally fine to let other men take you out because your boyfriend isn’t.”

One user @TshireMokoena asked; why didn’t you take him out?

Chrissy replies; if he does the same, I will.

Also, @Mr_Rager787 asked; why not leave 😂

@chrissy_matts; You can’t just walk away, you need to know where you’re going next 😂


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