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The J2US secret couple was accidentally discovered!

A new secret couple was booked on J2US on Saturday night, with new episodes airing on the Alpha show. Host and producer Nikos Koklonis gets TV viewers ready from the start, unveiling the new invaders before the clock strikes midnight.

They are Yannis Papamichail and his partner Irini Mercouri. In fact, the new couple was invited to perform their first song, but as the J2US host pointed out, they didn’t rehearse enough. “My heart Melts” with music by Stefanos Korkolis and lyrics by Vassilis Mastrokostas was performed by the son of the late Alikis Vougiouklakis with his Dimitris Papamichail and his professional collaborators.

“I’ve known most of the jurors for years. They’re the same age as Stamatis. How old was Stamatis when I was 10? 11. I made a mistake today. I think we have a good voice and we’ll improve and do well,” Yannis Pamamihail featured in his first appearance on the J2US stage Saturday night.

“I’m used to being in a place with an orchestra and playing keyboards. Now it’s the other way around, so it’s okay. I’ll respect all the kids here and do my best,” says Alpha Music’s Yiannis Papamichail. We interviewed Nikos Koklonis shortly after his first attempt at acting.

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