JOJOLANDS Chapter 5 Review

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In the last chapter, we saw Rohan fight a group of people who broke into his house, and Paco/Dragona/Usagi solved the strange standing ability in time! I’m looking forward to Jodio joining them this episode, but I don’t see Rohan as an enemy.

Nobuyoshi Araki loved Rohan so much that he made him a villain!


The chapter begins with Rohan calling the police while tying Usagi and Paco’s hands behind his back. Meanwhile, Dragona is frozen in place, terrified of not being able to pick up the diamond properly. Rohan hung up on the police and approached Dragona, but Jodio suddenly caused the area in the next room to pour rain.

jodeo art

Rohan was curious as to why Jodio did this, so he approached slowly to investigate. He stepped onto the carpet, revealing a large hole underneath. Jodio soaked the carpet with water from the storm, Then became very heavy, and dug a hole under it, setting a trap for Rohan.

jojolands chapter 5 rohan jodio stand
Rain in Rohan

Still, Rohan fell into the trap and Jodio pulled a tie around his neck, immobilizing him. Jodio told Rohan to call the police and cancel his call, but Rohan denied it. Jodio then shows what he has that he thinks will make Rohan more cooperative: two pieces of lava.

Usagi and Paco are confused (they were freed from Paradise Gate paralysis when Rohan fell into the trap) but Jodio explains: Rohan didn’t come to Hawaii for diamonds, he came for lava. After all, there are so many photos on his tablet, right?

jojolands chapter 5 jodio holding 2 lava
Rohan who saw the lava

To prove his point, he threatens to smash one of the lava’s if Rohan does. No Call up. Rohan hesitated, so Jodio smashed one of them. Rohan immediately panicked and told him not to smash the other, confirming Jordeo’s hypothesis.

jojolands chapter 5 Rohan thumbnail
Rohan, warn Jordion

Jodio wins and successfully corners Rohan. Paco takes the diamond and he, Usagi and Dragona leave. Before Jodio catches up, Rohan wants to have a few words with Jodio. Rohan eerily tells him that if he takes the lava, “heavy responsibility” falls on Jodio himself, though it risks making him very dirty. He told him to get ready because lava doesn’t obey the natural laws of the world. At the end of his speech, he wondered aloud if Jodio could really trust his comrades, given how much lava was worth.

Happy Paradise Chapter 5 Chasing Cats
Happy Paradise Chapter 5 Chasing Cats

As they left, Usagi showed Jodio a caricature drawn by Rohan, wondering if it was worth anything. Paco said it strangely, now he can hold the diamond without any worries. We got a trailer for the next chapter, and we saw the cats earlier, then multiple cats, and then Jodio and his team.


I almost guessed in the last chapter that the lava is somehow transitive to the diamond itself, hence why it is stored in the safe with the diamond. Glad to see this chapter confirmed!

The confrontation between Rohan and the crew is well done, because if you remember from Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable, Rohan’s position is not true struggle, but more for gathering information. It’s good to see this reflected in this chapter as well.

But that begs another question: why is Rohan in Jojo’s alternate universe? Not a weird Diego-Dio type of Rohan, just… arhat. Same stand and everything!

In any case, in the next episode, we’ll likely see the cat’s motivations at least to some extent. are they friends enemy? Protector of Lava? diamond? who knows!

What do you think will happen? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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