Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo reveals reason behing Actor, Kunle Remi’s snub from AMVCA

Controversial investigative reporter Kemi Olunloyo reveals why actor Kunle Remi was snubbed at the African Magic Audience Choice Awards despite his role in Kunle Afrayan ( Kunle Afolayan’s performance in Anikulapo is heartwarming.

Kunle Remy’s name wasn’t on the list of nominations for Anikulapo’s film, which surprised many after the film had 16 nominations.

In an online post, Kemi Olunloyo revealed that Kunle Remi had been snubbed for allegedly disrespecting a senior colleague as he reportedly stepped on some toes in the industry.

Cammy claims Kunle Remy accused a veteran actor of trying to force him to be gay ##xxxx, thus leaving his name out of the prestigious award nominations.

She also revealed that she would mention the names of senior associates who tried to lure Kunle Remi and cost him the nomination.

She wrote: “Actor Kunle Remy was snubbed for AMVCA nominations despite his stellar performance in the Kunle Afrayan film.

“Why? Allegedly ‘disrespecting’ a senior colleague. He was said to have been left out because he allegedly stepped on some toes in the industry after he was interviewed by an online platform a few weeks ago, claiming that a certain popular Characters try to lure him into being gay.

“It’s a pity that the same film got 16 nominations and he got none. That’s the Nigerian film industry for you.

“After a 6 month hiatus with rebranding, I will be referring to that senior colleague when I return to YOUTUBE this week.”

Teddy bears heavy AMVCA shade over Kunle Remi snub

Recall that Naija’s former Big Brother roommate, Tope Adebuniyan, aka Teddy A, reacted to AMVCA’s snub for Kunle Remi’s nomination.

Despite Kunle Remi’s role in the epic Anikulapo drama, Teddy A heavily influenced the organizers of the awards by omitting Kunle Remi’s name.

The reality TV star, actor and singer questioned whether Kunle Remi’s snub was because the actor leaked some secret interviews.

However, Teddy congratulated his colleagues on the nomination list and wished them success.

He wrote, “Congratulations to all the AMVCA nominees, but how come Kunle Remi didn’t get any nominations after what we saw in Anikulapo???

“Congratulations to everyone who wasn’t nominated, but why did they ignore @kunleremiofficial??? Is it because of that interview??? Awon Alphabet community. I’m just asking respectfully.

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