“Judy Austin Joined The Group Chat” Netizens Reacts As King Charles’ Alleged Mistress Turn Wife, Camilla Becomes The New Queen of England

Social media users have reacted to a new boost to the status of Britain’s King, King Charles’ alleged mistress-turned-wife Queen Camilla.

Ngnews247 reported that her husband Charles III was crowned King of England on Saturday.

The coronation ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey in London.

The coronation was the first in Britain for almost 70 years.

Queen Camilla was also anointed and crowned in a simple ceremony. However, she was not required to take the oath.

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After the ceremony, Camilla officially became queen of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth countries.

Pictures of her grinning after being crowned queen have caused a stir online, with many saying Queen Camilla could not believe her new status.

Reaction to the photo was mixed, as many praised her growth from a supporting chick to the monarch’s wife and now Queen of England.

Many have noticed how actor Yul Edochie’s second wife, Judy Austin, is following in her footsteps.

A dear Ennay wrote, “Hahaha… Camila really went from a side sister to a queen. I think it’s time to stop dreaming of finding true love and grab someone else’s man. My time will also come

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One Septimusa Jprime wrote: ‘Look at her. Even she can’t believe she went from a chick to a queen

One Ginger wrote, “To all chicks, someday you’ll ripen your reward

One Cherish Ebosereme wrote, “Na side chicks dey win now. Nice girls don’t pay

An official Skyz wrote, “Judy Austin joined the group chat

A Sharon Jasmyne wrote, “Consistency is key

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One Kizzyb wrote, “Be a second hand, use this to control the body”.

Mistress changes wife, Camilla becomes the new Queen of England

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