Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 1 Review

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Jiu-jitsu battle sometimes Abbreviated JJK.

i’m not sure what to expect Jiu-jitsu battle.. I’m pretty new to the series and haven’t read any manga or anything like that – I just know I got into the series because of the meme introduction!

I know one of the characters has a mask over their eyes and our main character is the one with the pink hair. But other than that, I don’t know anything, so I’m ready to be amazed!


Our episode begins with protagonist Yuji Itatori sitting on a chair in a lantern-lit room, with Gojo Satoru sitting across from him. Gojo wonders aloud “which one” Yuuji is. Yuuji’s first instinct is to worry about his “senpai,” but Gojo tells him that he has no time to worry about others because Yuuji will be executed in secret.

Yuuji is injured, Gojo is in front of him

After the intro, we start to witness some things that are clearly from the past. Yuuji is a high school student whose grandfather is hospitalized. He’s being scouted by a track coach, but he wants to be a member of an occult club that studies the paranormal. Apparently, a number of players on the school’s football field suddenly fell ill after hearing loud noises, and the Occult Society is investigating.

Fu Heihui, a dark-haired man, was investigating the football field when he saw a little ghost fish crawling out of the ground like water and climbing up the light pole. Apparently, he’s looking for a cursed item somewhere on campus.

Jiu-Jitsu War Episode 1 0008 Coach Yuji Itatori
Yuuji VS Coach

He meets Yuuji who is competing with his track and field coach. If Yuuji wins, the coach will stop recruiting him vigorously. Yuuji easily doubles his coach’s shot put score, and the mystery club tells him that he’s really amazing and they won’t blame him if he wants to quit the club to pursue his sport. Yuuji said that if he did, they couldn’t go to the haunted place without him because they would be too scared.

Megumi notices that Yuuji’s performance is incredible. As Yuuji runs past Kei, Kei is startled by the presence of the cursed object. Kei called out to him, but Yuuji ran quickly to a flower shop. After that, he went to the grandfather’s ward in the hospital.

Jiu-Jitsu Battle Episode 1 0007 Grandpa Bantori Yuuji
Yuuji listens to grandpa

Yuuji’s grandfather wants to tell him something about Yuuji’s parents, but Yuuji is not interested and tells him to stop being cool before he dies. It seems that Grandpa Yuuji is running out of time. Yuuji’s grandfather turned over and told Yuuji that since he is strong, he should help others as much as possible without expecting anything in return—not even gratitude. He begs Yuuji to be surrounded by caring people who adore him after his death, and to “don’t go out like him”. Yuuji’s grandfather seems to have a lot of regrets. Yuuji tries to talk to his grandfather, but his grandfather doesn’t respond.

Jiu-Jitsu Return Episode 1 0006 The Death of Itatori Yuuji's Grandfather
Yuji fought back tears

Just like that, Yuuji’s grandfather passed away.

When Yuuji has filled out all the required paperwork, the receptionist asks if he’s okay, and he tells her that this is his first experience with death, so he hasn’t really understood yet. Hui emerges from the shadows of the hospital and tells him he needs to talk to him— Now.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 1 0005 Fu Heihui
Fu Heihui

Megumi shows Yuuji a photo of the cursed object and demands its return, and Yuuji confirms that he found it, but asks why Kei thinks it’s dangerous. Kei tells Yuuji that most of the unexplained deaths in the country are caused by curses, and the negative energy of human beings is the cause of the curses. They tend to congregate in crowded places such as hospitals or schools. To prevent this, a terribly cursed object are placed in these locations and held in place by amulets to keep them inactive. Their presence helps ward off lesser curses that try to sneak into these places, but the effectiveness of amulets and guards diminishes over time.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 1 0004 Fingers
cursed object

Yuuji doesn’t care, and gives Kei the box containing the cursed item, but it looks like Yuuji only has the box. His seniors, two other members of the supernatural club, have actual goals and are at the school, planning to strip the seal and the amulet. Megumi is shocked by this and tells Yuuji that “bad” isn’t even enough to describe what’s about to happen.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 1 0003 The Curse
The Devil Comes Mystery Club

We see two occultists peel back the seal and discover that it is some kind of human finger with extremely long nails. Shortly after the fingers are stripped off, curses start appearing, trying to eat the fingers as it would make them super powerful.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 1 0002 Finger Curse Eats Mysterious Club
The curse that tried to devour the mysterious club

We see a really cool scene where Yuuji and Kei try to fend off the curse and save Yuuji’s classmates, but Kei is defeated and Yuuji’s only option is to swallow the finger himself. He easily defeats the curse, but now his body is shared with Yuuji by the curse.

Jiu-Jitsu Battle Episode 1 0000 Yuuji Bantori Devil
After Yuuji eats his finger


This episode was super cool! We have several things going on – first, Yuuji’s grandfather’s death motivates him to make sure “everyone around him dies with dignity”. He doesn’t think his grandfather’s death was justified because Yuuji was the only one who visited him in the hospital.

Yuuji is a very likable character, even in the face of the curse that now resides within him. All he could say was, “Okay, yes my body. put it back. ’ That’s what I love about protagonists! These types of people are so down-to-earth that it’s almost comical.

Sukuna is the title of episode 1 and refers to the name of the person to whom the finger belongs.

What do you all think of this episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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