Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 3 Review

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Previously, we saw Yuji Itatori successfully enter jujitsu tech as part of a “high level” deal with Gojou – to have him help track Sukuna’s remaining fingers in exchange for a delay in his execution.

In this episode, the squad will likely embark on their first mission, and we will likely meet a third “Year 1”!

Contents: Episode 3, The Iron Maiden

The episode opens with Gojo, Fuguro, and Itatori heading to Tokyo to pick up their third first-year student. The girl is famous – a guy is looking for potential models, so she grabs him by the shoulder and says, “How about me?” His blood turns cold. Apparently, he didn’t think she was cute enough.

Nohara Kizaki

we learn her name is Nohara Kizaki. Gojou also gave Itadori his school uniform, and he specifically asked Itadori to attach the hood. Although Banniao didn’t understand it, he still accepted it. When Nagasaki and Itatori wanted to explore Tokyo, a city new to them, Gojo told them they were going to a place called Roppongi, which got them excited. However, their hopes were dashed when Gojo led them to an abandoned cemetery adjacent to the building.

Jujitsu Begins War Episode 3 Comments 0005 Itatori and Nagasaki
Itadori and Kugiskai, two country kids, are excited about visiting “Roppongi”

Gojo tells us that since Fuhei is still recovering from the events at Bantori High, he won’t be participating in the exorcism. However, he wants to see what Nagasaki is made of, and Itatori assists him with a taste of exorcism. As Itatori and Nagazaki enter the cemetery, Gojo explains to Fuguro that the hope is that “Tokyo’s spell is on a completely different level than the country’s spell”.

Jiu Jitsu Begins War Episode 3 Comments 0004 Gojo Smirk
Gojo explained to Fuguro

Kagizaki was very vocal about her displeasure with Fushiguro and Itatori, especially Itatori. She belittles him as a rookie and insists that they split up to find the curse.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 3 Comments 0003 Banniao frowns
Itatori is grumpy due to Kagizaki’s indifference

Itadori deals with the curse alone, fighting it quickly and easily. After eating Sukuna’s fingers, we see his new strength and agility. Meanwhile, Nagazaki seems to know a lot about curses at first, and it’s easy to point to one of them when it’s disguised as a harmless mannequin.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 3 Review 0002 Mannequins
The Curse of the Mannequins

However, when a child is found by a mannequin and taken hostage, Kagizaki appears unprepared. Nagasaki wants to save the child, but from her perspective, she’s not sure how to do it safely. She surrendered her weapon, but the curse refused to keep her promise to let the child go. At this moment, Banniao broke through the wall and rushed towards the demon, helping to rescue the child. Ultimately, Nagasaki is the one who exorcises demons.

Jiu-Jitsu Battle Episode 3 Review 0001 Curse the Kid Ban Bird Hand
The curse comes in different forms, be amazed at the board bird punching through the wall

Kaginizaki hesitated to thank Itatori, but did it anyway. During this practice, Kagezaki learned the importance of not taking himself too seriously so as not to make mistakes, and of planning and coordinating with his teammates rather than ruling them out.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 3 Review 0000 Kajizaki Nobu
Nohara Kizaki is amazed by Itatori’s ability

Gojo and his three junior students helped the child go home. Fuhei has always been grumpy because he didn’t help so much with the exorcism.


I’m usually pretty sick of these “so-and-so knows the true power of collaboration!” episodes. But I know they’re pretty common, especially in anime. I love the character Kinazaki, she’s so funny and it’s nice to see a girl prouder than a boy.

Banners are generally stupid, so it’s hard no I like his character. I suspect the next episode we’ll see more of Fu Heihui’s characterization, or gain insight into the dynamics of the group as a whole.

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