Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 5 Review

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Episode 4: Cursed Womb Must Die two

Previously, we watched “The Cursed Uterus Must Die”, and saw Fuhei and Banniao face the special level alone without the help of other mages. This episode, we’ll see the continuation of Itatori’s horrific realization that he can’t control Sukuna.


The episode begins with Fuhei sitting patiently outside a building, waiting for Banniao to catch up to him. However, the arrival of Banniao surprised him. The young man is no longer himself, but is controlled by the demon Sukuna inside him. Sukuna increased his strength by consuming an extra finger he had previously obtained from the Utero Demon.

Fuguro Megumi and Sukuna

A chilling revelation emerges when Sukura explains that he can exist independently of Bantori’s mind. In one shocking demonstration, he reached into his chest and ripped out his heart. He made it clear that the move was a safeguard against the ban taking back power. Without a heart, Itadori would die within seconds of retracting his body.

jujitsu battle episode 5 review 0007 sukuna itadori heart
Sukura digs out the heart of the bird

However, Fuhei firmly believed in his beliefs. He told Sukura that Itachi’s will was strong enough to take back control, even if it meant certain death. Sukuna remains skeptical. What follows is a series of disturbing scenes of Sukuna’s relentless attack on Fukuro, showing the disparity in strength between the two men.

jujitsu battle episode 5 review 0006 sukuna fushiguro
Sukuna vs Fukuro

When Fuguro wrestled with Sukuna, a flashback gave a glimpse into his past. He recalls a woman named Tsumiki who, despite her good nature, was cursed to die. Fuhei’s account reveals his belief that karma not only happens, but happens. Fairness can only be achieved through the enforcement of the law. Although Fuguro was tested physically and emotionally, he still turned against Sukunai. He admits to Sukuna that his decision to save Itatori in the first episode was purely personal, devoid of any deeper meaning than an impulsive desire to prevent good people from dying.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 5 Comments 0005 The sad smile of Banniao
Itadori regains control of his body

Slowly, Itadori regained control. He admitted Fu Hei’s confession with a calm smile. The open wound on his chest bled profusely, heralding the imminent end. As he fell to the ground, his last words expressed his wish for the longevity of Fuguro, Kizaki, and Gojo-sensei.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 5 Comments 0004 Banniao Dying
Itatori Yuji passed away

The scene transitions from Itatori’s rainy night to a sunny morning. A robed man is accompanied by three demons in conversation. These entities are only visible to humans. One of them, a one-eyed creature reminiscent of a cyclops, asked the man about their previous decision to use a precious finger to measure Sukuna’s strength. The man revealed that the incident with Itadori, while not going as planned, yielded some useful insights.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 5 Review 0003 Curse
The Curse of the Three Demons and the Man

Going back to Jiu-Jitsu technology, Gojo is in the autopsy room with the corpses of Yidi and Banniao. During the heated discussion, Wujo also suspected that Banniao’s death was carefully planned by his superiors. Gojo was visibly disturbed by the news, and stated that he didn’t know who ordered the attack, but wondered if he should have killed all of the higher-ups, just to be sure. A woman named Ieiri walks into the room wearing a doctor’s coat. It appears she shares a history with Gojo. Iori observes Gojo’s affection for Bantori and asks permission to “do what she likes with him”. Gojo said she better make it worth it.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 5 Comments 0002 ieiri
Yi Ruli, female doctor

Meanwhile, Nagasaki and Fukuro sat on the Jiujitsu-tech stairs, mourning the death of Itatori. They are interrupted by the arrival of three second-year students Zenin, Panda and Inumaki. Zenin was unaware of Itadori’s death, and his attempts at humor came off as inconsiderate. Zenin suggested that Nazaki and Fuguro participate in the “Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event”, a famous competition between Tokyo and Kyoto schools. Faced with a sad Itadori’s choice, the two agree to take part in the event.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 5 Comments 0001 zenin
Zenin, the strongest second-year student in jujitsu

In the final scene, the one-eyed demon entity and the man discuss their plans in a cafe. The entity expresses a desire to reverse the roles of humans and curses, and asserts the superiority of curses over humans. The man outlines two key conditions for this to happen: securing Gojo Satoru, the most powerful jiu-jitsu wizard, and winning Yuji Itatori, or Sukuna, to their side. Cyclops was confused because he thought Itadori was dead, but the man, with an ominous smile, cast doubt on the veracity of Itadori’s alleged death.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 5 Comments 0000 Bannori Chest Hole
Itadori’s body


I really enjoyed this episode too! The whole arc is very charming. Now, I think we can all guess that Itadori isn’t completely dead, since there are still 20 episodes left in this season. However, half the episode without Itadori seems… odd. Like we can get an idea of ​​what life would be like without him through these characters we met not so long ago.

I also really like Sensual Gojo! I wish we could see more of this! He was always so calm and unflappable.

What do you all think of this episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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