Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 6 Review

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Episode 6: After the Rain

We’ve seen Itadori before really dead. We got to know multiple new characters, which made the episode a bit difficult to keep up with. Anyway, Kizaki and Fuguro agreed to participate in the first-year competition of the sister school in Kyoto.

I’m sure we’ll follow up this episode and find out what’s going on with Itadori.


The episode opens with a startling visual: Itadori’s lifeless corpse, a chest wound exposing the insides of his body. The scene changes, and the viewer is transported into Itadori’s body, and in his mind, Sukuna, the Lord of the Damned, sits haughtily on his throne, looking down on Itadori. Unrelenting despite his serious illness, Bantori defiantly challenges Sukuna to step down from his throne so they can face each other.

Sukuna looked down at Bantori

Itatori’s contempt for Sukuna deepens as Sukuna’s role in his death is revealed. As a result, Itatori swears that he will knock Sukuna down for what he did. However, Sukuna proposes a deal, a binding agreement that not even Sukuna himself can break. In this agreement, Sukuna offered to restore Itatori’s heart. Here’s the problem: After hearing the word “enchant”, Sukuna will take over Bantori’s body for a minute, during which time he cannot harm others. Additionally, the agreement had to be erased from Banniao’s memory. Banniao flatly refused, but agreed to a duel. The victor will decide the terms; if Sukuna wins, the agreement will be enforced, and the board victory will force Sukuna to resurrect him without any agreement. Sukuna wins the duel.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 6 Comments 0008 Yuji Itatori Sliced
Itadori passed away by Sukuna

Next, the scene cuts to Gojo Satoru and Iji, sitting and standing comfortably, respectively. Although Gojo doesn’t like teaching by nature, he admits that he hopes to enlighten his students about the corruption that is prevalent in the jiu-jitsu wizarding system. He raises the possibility of a revolution sparked by a new generation of conscious students. When Iruri announces that something has started, Itachi stands up from behind her in surprise. The astonishment on Wujo and Yidi’s faces quickly turned into joy, especially Wujo, who warmly greeted the resurrected Banniao with “Welcome home”.

Jujitsu Begins War Episode 6 Comments 0007 Itachi Yuuji Gojo Gogo Gogo
Itatori and five high fives

When Gojo and Iyori leave the morgue, Iyuru expresses his annoyance at having to revise the report. Gojo foresees that Itatori will be threatened in the future, and proposes to train him personally, and asks Naruto to temporarily put Itatori in a “dead” state. When asked about Itadori’s preparations, Gojou assured that he would have Itadori ready for the upcoming Kyoto sisters match.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 6 Review 0006 ieiri
Eiichi talks to Gojo

The storyline then takes a sinister turn, introducing a Cyclops-like entity, two other demons, and a man in the cafe whose name is revealed to be Geto. Saito admits that killing Gojo is nearly impossible, suggesting the use of the cursed item “Prison Field” to “imprison” or “seal” him. Cyclops is ecstatic about the plan, causing the restaurant to catch fire, engulfing all the customers. He then brags about his strength, which Soto estimates is equivalent to 7-8 of Sukuna’s known 20 fingers. He said that if Saito gave him the prison domain, he would kill Gojo.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 6 Review 0005 The Cyclops Smile
Cyclops in the cafe

The story continues, Fu Hei visits Zheng’s mother that we met in “Cursed Womb Must Die 1”. He delivers the heartbreaking news of Jung’s death and returns Jung’s name tag from his teenage uniform. Fu Hei was deeply moved by grief, and immediately resumed physical training, and met with Kizaki and others. He asks Zenin what kind of people she wants to save as a wizard, and she doesn’t care about it.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 6 Comments 0004 zenin

The focus then shifted back to Itatoro and Gojo. Bantori, who is being mentored one-on-one by Gojo, expresses how happy he is to learn from such a powerful person, as he longs to save people. Gojo uses two jars to demonstrate the difference between “cursed energy” and “cursed technology”, which he can manipulate without touching them. Gojo assures the disappointed Itatori, who lacks skill, that Sukuna’s cursed technique will eventually be imprinted on him. To aid in this process, Five Pledges taught him how to infuse cursed energy into his physical attacks. However, Itadori’s attempts proved unsuccessful, as he did not understand that the cursed energy was generated by negative emotions.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 6 Comments 0003 Gojoban Tori Yuji Distraught
Gojo tries to half-comfort Bantori, who is frustrated because of his lack of technique

Gojo assures Bantori that with training, even the slightest emotion can be harnessed to generate curse energy. This training takes an unusual approach: non-stop viewing of various films, accompanied by dolls created by the headmaster with cursed energy. If the doll doesn’t detect the cursed energy, it will attack, requiring Itadori to keep his cursed energy flowing regardless of the genre of the movie.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 6 Review 0002 Eiga Gojo Movie
Gojo Satoru and Movies

When Itachi was involved in the film, Fuguro reflected on his encounter with Sukuna and questioned his ability to defeat the Super Curse. The sight of him testing his strength, reaching into the ground and maneuvering in the dirt brought a smile to his face.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 6 Comments 0001 Fu Heihui Smiles
Fu Heihui smiles

Back in Itadori, now engrossed in a thriller about a bomb defuser, Gojou asks him about any recent communications with Sukuna, specifically regarding the agreement to repair Itadori’s heart. Itadori vaguely remembers some of the discussions, but can’t remember the specifics. Afterwards, Gojo left the room and went with Idi to meet the principal. On the way, he suddenly asked to stop at one place, so don’t disturb him. Almost immediately, Gojo was attacked by a cyclops-like demon and demanded to know the identity of the intruder.

Jujitsu Battle Episode 6 Comments 0000 Gojo Cyclops
five under attack


This episode is just amazing! When Itatori woke up, I was really happy to see Gojo and Itatori’s rapport. Itadori’s shocking death at the outset—a “death fight” with Sukuna—shows us that When it comes to Sukuna, Itadori is completely overwhelmed.

I wish we had more names when talking about Cyclops cursed demons. Geto is the only name we’ve gotten so far. This makes it very difficult to talk about these characters.

The subtlety of Gojo letting Iji go at the end of the episode so that Iji doesn’t get hurt is also very cute. Gojo gave “Kakashi” a lot of energy!

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on this episode in the comments below!

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