Karnataka Government-run Bus Conductor Generates Fake Tickets, Latest News






Good Day Readers, Today miserable news has come from Karnataka stating that a man doing a government job on the post of bus conductor was allegedly caught generating fake tickets and scamming the system. Stay tune with this article to find out the happenings of this news. A conductor working for the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation was suspended after a video of him creating counterfeit tickets gained widespread attention on various social media platforms.A video depicting a Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) conductor producing counterfeit tickets and discarding them is gaining widespread attention on social media. A female passenger on public transport noticed the conductor’s actions and filmed the incident, even engaging with the conductor in the process. Her concern appears to be related to zero-fare tickets that were being printed to indicate issuance to women passengers, as part of the Karnataka government’s Shakti Scheme. This initiative enables women beneficiaries to access free bus services on Karnataka government buses. In the widely shared video, the conductor is seen printing tickets from a handheld device and then discarding the printed tickets out of the moving bus’s window. The woman recording the video can be heard confronting the conductor about his actions.Karnataka Government-run Bus Conductor Generates Fake Tickets“Why are you tearing up and throwing away the tickets? Please explain. Why are you tearing them? Are you paying for these tickets? We are taxpayers. You tore and threw tickets at the previous stop too,” the woman passenger questions the conductor, who responds with an apologetic “Sorry.” “It’s not just about saying sorry. People could face consequences for making bus travel free, claiming there were losses incurred. In the end, it’s us taxpayers who suffer.Speak up now. A mere apology won’t suffice. If I allow this for one person, others will follow suit,” she asserts. The video, widely circulated on social media platforms, faced strong criticism amid suspicions that conductors working on government-run buses were producing fraudulent tickets to attain incentives, likely after meeting their quotas. In response to the videos, the BMTC issued a statement confirming that the implicated staff member had been suspended following an investigation.Meanwhile, former Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka and Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Malleshwaram, CN Ashwath Narayan, expressed his concerns on X (formerly Twitter). He questioned whether “this act is being carried out with the approval of the Minister of Transport” or if it was being done under the directives of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

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