Keith Olbermann Apologizes for Post Blaming Israel for Missile Strike on Palestinian Hospital

Bomb-throwing leftist and repeatedly fired sports commentator Keith Olbermann blasted Israel for bombing a hospital in Gaza and demanded Joe Biden cancel a planned trip to the country, but ended up deleting the post and apologizing when evidence began to emerge that appeared to show that Israel had nothing to do with the missile strike.

On Tuesday afternoon, news began filtering out of Gaza featuring claims by Palestinian sources that an Israeli missile destroyed the Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City, killing hundreds.

That report immediately sent the mouth-breathing Olbermann to his X account to attack Israel.

“After the Israeli strike on the Baptist Hospital in Gaza City kills 300-500, [Biden] cannot in good conscience go to Israel tomorrow,” Olbermann wrote on X.

But before long, the Israeli Defense Force said that it wasn’t even conducting any actions around the hospital but added that Hamas and its Palestinian supporters were firing rockets over the hospital aimed at Israel’s interior when the hospital was hit.

An hour later, Olbermann returned to his social media after the information from the Israelis came out. With further information about the strike emerging, Olbermann uncharacteristically admitted he was wrong and apologized.

“Given the IDF denial on this, its insistence the explosion resulted from Hamas weapons, and in the absence of independent verification either way, I retract and delete this tweet without reservation and with my apology for concluding before conclusions should have been made,” he wrote.

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