Kenyan Lady Shows Off Davido’s Boxers On Live TV As Evidence of Sleeping With Her Too (Video) » NGNews247

A Kenyan woman named Pendo Stacy was photographed showing off a pair of boxer briefs purportedly designed for Davido.

Davido is currently trending for the wrong reasons, as women who allegedly had sex with him banded together to expose him.

The first person to catch Davido on the internet was Anita Brown. She revealed that she was pregnant for Davido, who asked her to have an abortion.

The second woman to show up, a French woman named Ivanna Bay, also revealed that she, too, is pregnant with Davido and is expecting a child of her own soon.

In a new video circulating online, a Kenyan woman sits on the show showing off a pair of boxer briefs that are said to be Davidos’s property.

According to her, Davido had slept with her before and had boxer briefs as evidence of her.

In 2014, Kenyan video vixen Stacey Brinell Brown, better known as Pendo, admitted to having sex with Davido after rumors went viral. According to her, they dated at a nightclub while “Aye” singer “Galileo” was performing at the “Bombaata Festival” in Kenya.

Watch the video below.

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